Training(Tradesmen/Artisans/Graduate) on Heavy Equipment


Rated Cranes is the ONLY Accredited Nigerian company of its kind that has a dedicated Heavy Equipment Training Centre.

Training(Tradesmen/Artisans/Graduate) on Heavy Equipment
Truck/Trailer Driving Training
As the demand for competency in sectors like Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing increases, Rated Crane Tech. has been consistently training a lot of people in this sectors.
Tower Crane Operators Training
As an accredited and License operator in Nigeria, Rated Crane Technologies train both corporate and individual. The aftermath of the training allow the trainee to work in critical areas of the economy both in Nigeria and oversea
Manufacturing Safety officers Training
As a HSE accredited agency in Nigeria, We help in the following areas:
- Recruit and Supply of certified safety Officers to clients
- Implementation of Safty managment system
- Supply of safety equipment+ PPE
- Writing of safety policy, safety manuals and safety proedures