Altrex Assembly Operating Instructions

Altrex Assembly Operating Instructions


• Suspended platform: the work platform as an element of a temporary suspended platform system

• Temporary suspended platform system (TSP): system of work platform, hoists, central control box, cables and roof suspension that can be built from knock-down elements to provide temporary access to a building facade.

• Hoist: electrical device that is capable of climbing or descending a steel wire rope, while carrying a load, like e.g. a work platform

• Central control box (CCB): controlpanel from which the hoists can be operated

• Roof suspension: A construction meant for the suspension of a work platform, mounted at roof level

• Roof beam: specific type of roof suspension, basically a long beam with one out rigging end placed on two support stands

• Suspension rope: steel cable, mounted on the roof suspension, on which the hoist climbs or descends

• Stirrup: construction to provide a suitable connection between a work platform and a specific type of hoist

• End-stirrup Stirrup that is located at the very end of a work platform, also functioning as an end-guardrail

• Walk through-stirrup Stirrup that is located at a certain distance from the outer end of a platform bywhich a cantilevered section of platform occurs.

• Work Load Limit: (= WLL) Nominal capacity of a hoist. The load capacity of the work platform is also based upon the WLL of a hoist, just like the capacity and required counterweight of a roofbeam.

• Load capacity and configuration table: List of allowed platformlengths that, in combination with hoistcapacity and type of stirrup, yields a maximum loadability.

• Securable quickpin Main device to connect the knock-down elements of the suspended platform equipment

Art. 760087
Art. 760087-1.0 copyright © 2005 Altrex B.V. 10 mai 2005 page II- 1

II.1 General

DANGER! Don’t save on safety, do not mix and match! WARNING! Do not integrate other than original MHB platform components! CAUTION! Remember safety is the responsibility of both … you and the operator!

Severe injury or death can result from improper assembly or use of the TEMPORARY SUSPENDED PLATFORM SYSTEM (MHB).

All suspended platform systems must be assembled as detailed in chapter III.5 “load capacity and configuration tables”.

II.1.1 Description

• The temporary suspended platform system is designed according to the European Standard EN1808 and is in accordance with the demands of machine instructions and conform CE.

• The installation includes the suspended platform, stirrups, the electro mechanical hoists and its’ safety devices and roof beams.

• The installation is applied in construction, inspection and maintenance of façades, chimneys, towers, etc.

• The installation may not be used for activities in silos, unless a number of conditions are met. Please contact your supplier for further details.

• For technical specifications of the installation see next pages.

• The installation is not meant to be used as an elevator for persons or goods.

II.1.2 General use

• The hoists are operated with the central control box on the MHB platform.

• The power supply cable must have a strain relief.

• The hoists can be operated in the following ways:

– UP / DOWN Hoists rise / descend at the same time – Choice switch LEFT / RIGHT In the position LEFT or RIGHT, only one hoist at a time will be operated when using the UP / DOWN switch. A possible platform slope may be corrected that way.

The electrical diagram is pictured on the inside of the lid of the central control box.

The MHB may only rise and descend vertically. The MHB must be kept in a horizontal position while rising, descending and in operational position. See section V for operating of the hoists.

• In case of emergency the main power supply can be interrupted with the EMERGENCY – OFF – button.

• A power point is available coming from the central control box for the use of electrical hand tools. Only grounded or double insulated electrical equipment may be used.

• Be aware that these safety guidelines are not all inclusive. Proper training for all individuals that assemble, reassemble, dismantle or use this equipment is mandatory.

• The platform shall be assembled and used only by trained and fit persons of at least 18 years old.

• The platform is intended for horizontal position of the deck. Limit switches activated by an eventual inclination of more than 14° in any direction will secure safe ope ration.
Art. 760087
Art. 760087-1.0 copyright © 2005 Altrex B.V. 10 mai 2005 page II- 2
II.1.3 Conditions of use

• Only authorized, trained and physically fit persons may assemble and operate this equipment.

• Physical, environmental and operating conditions for the equipment:

– Temperature range between -20°C and +55°C

– Humidity range between 30% and 95%

– Altitude above sea level up to 1200 meter

– Contaminants degree of protection IP 54

– Wind speed wind force not exceeding 6 Beaufort (13.8 m/s)

• An earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) of 30 mA and an automatic fuse of sufficient amperage (type C) must be used at the power source.

• All electrical equipment should be grounded or double insulated and executed according the concerning regulations

II.1.4 Manual

• Use only the complete document “Altrex Assembly & Operating Instructions for Temporary Suspended Platform System, Model MHB”.

• Marked and only complete copies of the “Altrex Assembly & Operating Instructions for Temporary Suspended Platform System, Model MHB” are on request available at the supplier of your suspended platform system.

• Do not make incomplete copies of this manual by yourself.

• This document is restricted to the temporary suspended platform system manufactured by Altrex.

• Act according to this document.

• This document is to be kept with on the temporary suspended platform system.

• Additional copies of (warning) labels are available should the original labeling become damaged, obscured or removed. Contact your supplier.

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