Third Party Inspection & Cert.

Third Party Inspection and Certification

Rated Crane Technologies Nigeria Limited is a certified Third Party Inspection.

Our category of Third Party Certification include the following:

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification
  • Construction Equipment Inspection
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Scaffold Inspection

At Rated Crane Technologies Nigeria Limited, we possess one of the top notch devices/equipment for technical inspection
inspection in the following sectors
– Power
– Buildings
– Server Environment(IT)
– Manufacturing
– Oil and Gas
– Production
Our Non destructive Inspection kits can perform the following functions:

Thermal imaging: (Infrared Capacity to detect Flaw in the Power Plants, Buildings, Manufacturing Plants etc)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector:(All kind
of Advanced Ultrasonic Examinations in the industry—cracks, flaws, stress, wears, leaks etc)
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge: (with see through coating capabilities )Boilers, Inspection, Air receivers, Pressure Vessels, Hull Inspection etc
Ultrasonic Leak detector: To detect any type of industrial leakage(any gas HVAC, vapour, heat temp, heat temp, vibration, insulation etc)

  1. Lifting and hoisting equipment inspection and certification.

These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting load either vertically or horizontally or in both ways, and thus include any stationary or mobile equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment, which is operated by means of motive power e.g. electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or other powered means.

Inspection of Manual Lifting Equipment & Lifting Gear

These cover a wide range of equipment used for lifting stationary or mobile Equipment including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting that Equipment which is operated solely by means of the operator without any powered assistance.

We perform on – Site Technical Safety Inspections and Test of all types of equipment including but not limited to the following:

Mobile Crane (telescopic and lattice)

Other Lifting Equipment (overhead crane, tower crane, forklift truck, gantry crane, goliath crane, port crane, semi-gantry cranes, monorail, under hung cranes, jib cranes, side boom Tractors, man lift (cherry picker), ship loader, ship crane, etc.)

Construction Elevator or Hoist

Below-The Hook Lifting Devices (jacks, personnel baskets, spreader bar/beam, balanced pallet lifter, balanced C hook, automatic slab tong, edge grip sheet clamp, etc.)

Lifting Accessories (slings, shackles, Harness & Lanyard, Lifeline, Rapelling (Rescue), Inertia Reel, and other rigging gears)


We inspect and certify wide range of construction equipment which are either automated or manual, static or moveable. Some of the equipment are listed below.

  • Road Grader
  • Dump Truck
  • Bulldozer
  • Front Wheel Loader
  • Road Roller Compactor
  • Asphalt Paver
  • Mobile Boring Rig
  • Hydraulic Excavator (Back Hoe/Power Shovel)
  • Cement Mixer
  • Concrete mix Pump


  • Mining Equipment
  • Haul Pack (60 tonnes and above rated capacity)
  • Mobile Crusher
  • Fuel Tanker
  • Water Trucks
  • Material Stacker / Reclaimer
  • Power Shovel
  • Hydraulic Excavator
  • Drilling Machines

We inspect and certify fit-to-use scaffold after erection. We also inspect and certify other work at height platforms (Elevated Platforms, scissor lift,)